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About Our School

​​Our Purpose: 


​Quality learning is paramount at McKitrick School.  It is generally accepted that education is a critical factor in an individual's success in life and the foundation of a strong, vibrant society.  It has been suggested that a quality education is the great equalizer; the single most important tool for overcoming the debilitating effects of poverty.  Although we acknowledge the barriers we face, we will not use them as an excuse.  Students, all students, will learn at high levels at McKitrick School.

Caring is the foundation on which high levels of learning rests.  When a child feels someone cares, their capacity to learn increases.  It is absolutely essential that students arrive at and leave school each day believing that someone cares about them.  This is the responsibility of all staff members.  We are committed to ensuring that every child arrives at school and and leaves each day knowing that someone cares.

​It takes a community to raise a child.  While this proverb is attributed to many, it is certainly true in a community school.  We believe in the importance of community and the partnerships therein.  Of particular importance are families.  The stronger families are, the more success their children will enjoy.  We embrace the challenge and opportunity to build capacity within our community.

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School Highlights

  • Strong emphasis on English Language Arts and Math 
  • We also provide a minimum of 30 minutes per day of scheduled physical education for all students from kindergarten through grade 6.  In addition, we offer numerous other opportunities and team sports for kids to 'get active'.
  • We also offer many other opportunities for students like technology club, creative kids, lego club, yoga, reading club, etc.
  • After School programming for students is a highlight at McKitrick School. Varieties of programs are open to students in grades 1-6.
  • Pre-K through grade six classrooms including full time kindergarten.     
  • We are a technology rich school where every student has the opportunity to extend their learning on an Ipad.